Industrial Labels

Always Going Strong

You can rely on Artex to produce durable labels that are specially designed to withstand exposure from water, sunlight, chemicals, and extreme temperatures. At Artex, we ensure the highest quality label, customized to your specific needs.

We focus on creating tough labels with striking graphics, to draw in customers as well as promote safe use. This focus on durability ensures that all safety and operational information will remain clear and easy to read throughout the life of your product.

Whether you need a run for 100 labels or hundreds of thousands, we work to create the best label for your job. If you have any questions regarding the best type of label for your industrial product, please contact Artex!


Household & Cleaning

With required detailed information and chemical resistance, household product labels need an experienced company like Artex for the best quality possible. Squeaky Clean >>


We understand the unique demands of nutraceutical products. Let our versatile and adaptable printing capabilities help you reach your goals. Adaptablility >>

Food Packaging

From FDA compliance to innovative branding, we offer a wide range of appealing labels to fit your unique food packaging needs. Eat Up >>